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L. Nathan Pilon... My STORY

At Jewelry Works we strive to create wearable art with a unique twist…

Everywhere you look design is happening, and to me is it most apparent in nature. It is visible in the miracle of a sunset, in the bold profiles of a mountain silhouette, in the hypnotizing and powerful motion of a rolling wave or in the micro subtleties of the design in a fallen maple leaf… Design is everywhere and daily and we are granted the opportunity of enjoying this miracle in its fullest expression as we experience life, this is the loving intent of the Creator.  It is my hope that you will pause and make good use of these opportunities as they present themselves to you.  This is the source of my inspiration, as stated in the image below on my bench lighting is a note to self... Begin Within!!!


I designed and crafted my first piece of jewelry when I was 14 and I have not stopped.  I have been designing and making jewelry for 40+ years, I won my first design competition sponsored by The Albuquerque Youth Museum  while I was attending high school.  I started my career as a full time bench jeweler at Beauchamp and Company Jewelers in Albuquerque, NM after graduating Albuquerque School of Jewelers Art in 1978.   I’ve been fortunate  to win a number of national and international design competitions including: DeBeers International, Spectrum Awards (AGTA) and  Jewelers of America.


While it is an honor to be recognized by a group of my peers, my greatest privilege is to create fine silver designs that put a smile in your heart and on your face.  The relationship between jewelry and wearer is very similar to the chemistry between fine perfume and wearer, each expression is unique. Jewelry is an accessory that reflects the natural heart beauty of the wearer and each person that proudly displays it brings their unique essence to a piece.  It is my desire to create inspired designs that reflect your heart beauty.  I make things that shine but it is you that is shiny…Shine on!