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Beach Dunes LR061889
Sterling Silver ladies ring weighing 13g with one 2.7mm round brilliant cut natural sapphire in your choice of orange, red or blue or without a stone.  This soft flowing ring is extremely comfortable and is designed to be worn on the right hand. Drifting sand on the beach influenced me as I carved the soft flowing lines of this ring. Need some softness in your life?



Beach Dunes LR061889

SKU: 061889
  • Sapphire is the Birthstone for September and naturally occurs in every spectral color.  Ancient Greeks and Romans believed that Sapphire was symbol of wealth and wisdom; they also believed it would bring the wearer success in the affairs of the heart.  Sapphire is a very hard stone and wears extremely well.  Here are the specific qualities of the sapphire: Crystal Structure: Hexagonal,  Refractive Index: 1.717, -  Density: 3.98-4.1g/cm3, - Hardness Mohs:

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