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Bender LR062789

Sterling Silver ladies ring set  with one 1 6mm round brilliant cut lab-created sapphire weighing approx. .90ct.  You may make a request to have no stone or a different color sapphire, and of course in your ring size.  This twisty design bends the mind and it's totally legal, no psychiatrist or drugs required!




  • Bender LR062789: S.Silver ladies ring 7.25g
  • 1-6mm round brilliant cut lab-created sapphire @.90ct
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Bender LR062789

SKU: 062789
  • Lab-Created Earth Friendly Sapphires

    The Verneuil Process, also called flame fusion, was the first commercially successful method of manufacturing created gemstones, The principle of the process involves melting a finely powdered substance using an oxy-hydrogen flame, and crystallizing the melted droplets into a boule. Crystals produced by the Verneuil process are chemically and physically equivalent to their naturally occurring counterparts, and strong magnification is usually required to distinguish between the two