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Escargot LR060189:

Escargot is a Sterling Silver ladies ring 8g, inlaid w/Sugilite, Lapis and Pristine. The colors of the inlay and feature stone can be exchanged to meet your preference. The feature stone is an oval lab created 5x7mm  orange sapphire weighting  1.0ct.  Just like Escargot it is yummy enough to eat. Don’t move like a snail and miss your opportunity to win this award winning design and make it your own.




Escargot LR060189,

  • Sterling Silver ladies ring 8g, inlaid w/Sugilite, Lapis & Pristine
  • Feature stone: Lab-created 5x7mm  orange sapphire @ 1.0ct. 
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Escargot LR060189

Stone Color
  • Lab-Created… Earth Friendly Sapphires

    The Verneuil Process, also called flame fusion, was the first commercially successful method of manufacturing lab-created gemstones. The principle of the process involves melting a finely powdered substance using an oxy-hydrogen flame, and crystallizing the melted droplets into a boule. Crystals produced by the Verneuil process are chemically and physically, (Al2O3SiO2 Alumina Silicate Mineral) equivalent to their naturally occurring counterparts, strong magnification is usually required to distinguish between the two.